This Is Our Story

About us

An idea that began over 10 years ago as just as a hobby and love of photography has grown to being a passion and love for the industry that can never be substituted. In this industry passion and the love of what you do is the Key to a success story.

With our business growing over time we have thus decided to register our company in 2019.With this happening the spin offs have been amazing with our client base increasing quicker than expected. We have been in a few photography competitions and ending up in the quarter final and semi finals within a few months is a reflection on the calibre of our work.

The 3 secrets to our success

About 2

In the Photography arena there are too many to mention and each photographer is a professional in his market segment.  The easiest way to describe our work compared to other out there is a simple analogy I love to use.

If you compare a BMW 3 series vehicle to a Porsche, both vehicles does one key aspect of taking you from point A to point B but the Porsche is a class of its own with the bells and whistles which you pay for. Thus, with our pricing being affordable I will always be in the BMW Range offering value for money